Return of the Exiled

The Return
The Start of Revolution

Bursting from within their statues, a shocked cleric stares in awe. He explains that generations of his family organized prayer to these statues daily. They introduce themselves and demand an audience with the people of this settlement. About 50 people fill the temple immediately as if their gods have arrived. They promised the people hope and salvation as long as everyone works together towards this goal. Three days have passed and the people spirits are higher than ever and a miracle has altered their homes and lives. They begin to be educated in the arts of carpentry and metal craft as well as the warriors in advance combat.


Chosen warriors enter the Temple of Hope with their guide Zott. Inside the temple, time itself is compressed and altered so that the warriors could have training experience of 100 of years within only half the time. This process is almost instantaneous, however Zott’s calculations were wrong and all of the planes Stones of Creation were gathered by an evil force. With their power he exiled the one he did not control, and that was the opal of hope. Since the hero’s are linked by the opal, they too were exiled from the realm. During this time the evil force know as the Dark Lord rules the plane and made it into a twisted world of evil. 500 years later the hero’s somehow have been wished back into existence bursting out of statues of themselves.


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